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Forex Contest

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RTFX launched earlier this year, in partnership with, its new Forex Contest, called Forex Championship. Of international dimension, the contest is open to anyone who wants to trade currencies in real-time. Sign in and manage a basket of currencies (Euro, Dollar, Yen, etc.) using a virtual capital of 5,000,000 Euros.

Each month, you can win prizes up to 5,000 Euros

Each month, the 15 participants who register the best performance will share 22,000 Euros in reserve money that will be credited to an online Trading account in RTFX with which the winners will invest on real currency pairs.

A general ranking at the end of the season with 20,000 Euros for the winner

RTFX will nominate the 10 Participants with the best cumulative performance achieved over the 12 months of the Forex Championship on the 31st August. They will share 50,000 Euros in reserve money, including 20,000 Euros for the big winner of the Championship.

The Miles

Miles are points which can be cumulated throughout your participation in the Forex Championship. You can exchange 1000 Miles against a 1,000 Euros prize. There are two ways of winning Miles:

  • by forecasting the mid-weekly closing price of a currency pair each week. You can access the prognostic page through your RTFX Championship account. Submitting an answer to the weekly forecast will give you 250 Miles for the exact valuation of the mid-price, 100 Miles for a valuation within the 10 points range around the mid-price, 50 Miles for a valuation within the 20 points range around the mid-price and 10 Miles for a valuation within the 50 points range around the mid-price.

  • by achieving a performance of 0.50% or more on one trading day you will gain 40 Miles. By realizing the best performance on one trading day during a month you will gain 1000 Miles and by realizing the second, third, fourth and fifth best performance on one trading day during a month you will gain 250 Miles.

The Forex Championship is the Forex Contest that will allow novices to familiarize themselves with the Trader’s tools as well as accustomed traders to improve their trading techniques.